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What Our Coached Runners Have Said


I’ve been getting run coaching from Josh for a year now, and its the best thing i’ve ever done for my running. Josh always tailors the plan to suit my personal life, and we discuss this at the start of every month. He is always quick to answer any questions I have.  The plan keeps me accountable and motivated, and i enjoy the variety in sessions. Josh is always so supportive and encouraging, his passion for the sport is infectious. He always says the right thing when things have gone well (or wrong!). I am stronger than ever. Before joining I was ill and injured often, following a structured plan has changed all that. I have achieved pb’s and ran my first marathon with Josh’s help, and can’t wait to see what the future holds!

Gwenllian D

I've been using Josh Griffiths Run Coaching since the end of 2017.  The bespoke nature of the plans means that no matter how different my goals, whether a 5K, HM or a mountain race, the sessions are tailor made so that I can meet the needs of the season's races as well as fitting in with my lifestyle.  As a master athlete who's been training for years, I'm enjoying the varied speed sessions, as well as the easy running miles, which helps keep me motivated and eager to improve.

Sharon L

I first approached Josh in 2018, having fallen short of my target time in a marathon. I felt my running had plateaued and had no idea how to get stronger and improve further. 
The first thing I learned from Josh through his monthly training schedules was having a purpose to every run, rather than just going out and running hard all the time. Josh structures the training in such a way that I am fully rested and ready to give my best in races. 
In the 18 months since I've had pb's over 1 mile, 5k, 10k, 10 miles, HM, and hit my main goal of a sub-3 marathon. And we've been able to increase my running from 4 up to 6 runs per week without injury. 
Working with such a top coach and athlete keeps me motivated and always looking forward to the next run. I'm confident Josh will guide me to much more improvement over the next few years!

Dave C

I’ve used Josh's coaching plans for about 10 months now and haven’t regretted it.
Josh monitors training on Strava and gives feedback, he builds race day strategies and caters your plans around your race schedule, goals and availability.
I have never run better just by following his training plans. Just to a feel for progress I was recovering from injury when I contacted Josh for a coaching plan, he catered for recovery and building up to Cardiff half and within 3 months I nearly had a PB.
Safe sustainable progress, with professional advice and support when needed.
I'd recommend Josh to any runner, of any ability,  in any state looking to improve and reach their goals.

Mike F

Starting getting coaching from Josh in September 2019, just a few weeks after I had ran 1:15:16 at the Bristol Half Marathon. Fast forward to January 2020 and my very next half marathon (The Gloucester half marathon) I ran 1:12:47 an improvement of  2minutes and 29 seconds In just 5 months. I love how every run now has a purpose and thoroughly look forward to making further improvements of my times. Would recommend Josh’s coaching to anyone looking for some motivation or PB's

Ben L

Joining Josh Griffith’s Run Coaching has been an absolute game changer. The bespoke trainning plan has seen me achieve PR’s over all distances as well as completing my first Marathon. It offers invaluable structure and support from a world class athlete.

Manon W

Josh Griffiths changed my life and running this year. Not only is he a great coach and inspiration. I’d also say he’s a great friend now and I’ve never even meet him. 
I got in touch with Josh as I was struggling to fit everything in with mine and my wife’s shifts. I sent him our shifts and Josh wrote my plan around our lives which was perfect. 
This year I have ran times I could have previously only dreamed of before. 
He has given me confidence, self belief and trained my body to the best it’s ever been. 
I love his pre-race advice it’s always spot on. I have improved in every aspect of my running and I know I have to use my legs to do it but he’s training my legs and body to do things I never thought were possible. 
What more can I say other than thank you.

Steven T